Phantoms Volleyball Club

The VIctorian Volleyball League is in full swing with Phantoms teams having played 3 or 4 matches each depending on the division. Our Premier Women have started the season unbeaten and head to our first home round in Bendigo sitting 3-0. This week all 8 Phantoms teams will be in action at the Bendigo stadium from 10am through to 6pm. For more information, match times and results, please visit Phantoms Volleyball Club website.

The Phantoms Volleyball Club has been established to give members of the volleyball community in Ballarat, Bendigo, Horsham, Sunraysia and Warrnambool an opportunity to participate in Volleyball Victoria’s State League competition without the need to travel to Melbourne each week for training and matches.  In 2017 the club entered a unique and exciting partnership with the Bendigo Stadium who are providing venue, media and financial support to the Club.

In 2018 the club have worked closely with Volleyball Victoria to provide a more suitable fixture which reflects the travel, time, cost and commitment our members put in to compete at the highest level in Victoria.

For more details please contact the club directly or email