Is there volleyball currently being played in Ballarat?
Social Volleyball Competition resumes in Ballarat on Monday February 1st
How can I join?
Details of how to join are on our website home page and you can join by clicking the REGISTER NOW button. If you want further information after you have read this page, please click on the contact page and email us.
Where is Volleyball normally played in Ballarat?
Social competitions and tournaments are played on Courts 1 & 2 at the Mars Minerdome, 994 Grevillea Rd, Wendouree VIC 3355.
Training is yet to be determined for 2021 as we are still waiting on the availability of venues and coaches. Once these have been confirmed we will post them on the webiste.
What competitions are available to play in?
Currently we have a Mixed Social Competition of 12 teams played on Monday nights. Match times are 6:30pm, 7:40pm and 8:50pm and there are two seasons played in line with School semesters.
SUMMER SEASON Term 1 & 2 (February to June) with an Easter and/or April School holiday break
SPRING SEASON Term 3 & 4 (July to December) with a September School Holiday break
We are working towards differentiated competition levels and a possible second night of competition but at this stage we are restricted by venue availability
How much does it cost to play?
Payments will revert to individuals in 2021 and our preference is that they are made through the SportsTG registration portal. This ensures that we meet our Covid safe contact tracing requirements and reduce the handling of money on the night of competition. Adults are $8 per game with a minimum of 5 Adults per team required for a match to go ahead. Juniors are $5. If you choose to pay at the door on the night, there is a $2 per person additional charge (Adults $10 / Juniors $7).
By the end of February, all players must have registered with Volleyball Victoria as a Social member which provides you with accident insurance and member benefits among other things. The cost of this is $44 and can be completed through the registration process.
I am new to Volleyball Ballarat and would like to join a team, what do I do?
You can contact us via or register online and come down to the stadium during a competition night to check it out and discuss options. Depending on the time of the season and the numbers in each team, we may be able to add you to an existing team or create a completely new one with interested players as we have done regularly in the past.
I have my own team organised, can I enter the competition?
New teams are always welcome to join the Monday night Social Competition. Depending on the status of the season, this may be able to happen immediately or it may take some time to fit you into the draw and make any operational arrangements necessary to support new teams. Please email with any inquiries or entries.
Do I need a uniform to play?
We strongly encourage all teams to have a playing uniform but it is not compulsory. Our major sponsor S3Promotions can assist you with design and creation of a uniform if your team wishes to buy one. The Association also has sets of uniforms teams can hire for a season.
Are there referees provided?
In order to keep our playing fees low, we do not have paid referees to officiate matches. Due to the social nature of the competition, teams have been traditional scheduled to to duty for matches they are not playing in. At the moment we ask any team rostered for duty to provide a main referee and a scorer for 2 matches in the same time slot. This means that you may only be required to duty once every 3-4 weeks for an hour. We have a number of qualified referees that can help teams to learn the processes when they first start and it is quite a simple system we use.
Is there a junior competition?
Unfortunately at this stage we do not have a dedicated full junior competition running, however we do have a dedicated timeslot for junior matches in 2021 from 6:30pm – 7:30pm. Depending on numbers and interest, we have the capacity to grow this into multiple courts / timeslots. These matches will be a mixture of game play and skill development with qualified coaches providing guidance to players throughout the sessions.
Does Ballarat have representative teams?
Ballarat has a long and proud history of representative volleyball. Currently we enter Men’s and Women’s teams in our own Annual Skins Tournament held in November and in the Victorian Country Volleyball Championships on the June long weekend each year. There are also a number of other regional tournament opportunities to participate in based on player availability.
Are there other higher level competitions to play in?
Volleyball Ballarat have a number of members that either play, coach or administrate with the Phantoms Volleyball Club, a combined team that draws players from all the Western Victorian afffiliate Associations to play in State League (Victorian Volleyball League). Phantoms play home matches in Bendigo, Ballarat and Horsham and offer teams in all levels of the competition from Honours to Division 3 for both Men and Women. For more information, please visit
Do Volleyball Ballarat run school clinics?
We have the capacity to run school clinics on request and to service Sporting Schools program requests that may come to us from local schools. If you are considering this option or require some assistance in puttingin a Sporting Schools application, please email for more information.