The season kicked off Monday 2nd May with Junior training followed by 3 full timeslots of A & B Grade matches. Ther has been a slight update to the draw for the 2022 Winter Season so please check the Fixtures & Results page for the updated V2 and this week’s results.

If you have a duty allocated and there is an * next to your team name, we will provide a referee and you only need to provide scorers for that court.

Captain’s please check your list of players on the TEAMS page to make sure it is up to date. If you are not listed and should be or want to play this season please email contact@volleyballballarat.com.au. 

If you have an * next to your name it means you are currently not regsitered as a financial member for the 2022 Calendar year and are ineligible to play. Please read the information below carefully and  register before your first game using the link below.  If you are U18 and meet the eligibility criteria, we can help you access Get Active Kids vouchers that provide financial support to help with registration and match fees.

  • All players must be registered with Volleyball Victoria as a Spikezone U13 ($36) or Social ($51) member prior to May 2nd and show proof of registration prior to taking the court for the first training / game of the season – You can register here (or follow the instructions in the Registration section below) which includes insurance (and a volleyball pack if registering an U13 for Spikezone) and is valid until 30th March 2023.
  • Players must check their name off on the training list or scoresheet and show proof of payment prior to starting their training / match.
  • Each team must confirm a minimum of 6 players on court and a minimum payment of $48 prior to the start of the match or risk a fine and loss of match points (Junior teams consisting of U17s must pay a minimum of $30). For this reason we encourage you to have at least 8 players in your team in case some are unavailable for any reason.
  • The easiest way to do this is by downloading the Teampay app on your phone and joining your training session and/or team by paying online. Our preference is for teams to authorise one person to be captain and they can automatically charge each player at the press of a button each week prior to the game and you don’t have to think about it. The app is designed so it can only charge a single match fee at any one time.
  • If you need to pay cash for any reason, this must be ticked off next to your name on the scoresheet by the duty team before you can take the court.
  • If you are attending training and playing in a team or playing in 2 different divisions, you will need to pay for each training and/or match each week.

Draw 16th May

Junior training: 6:00pm – 7:00pm |Courts 1 & 2

Court 1

7:10pm – Court 1 BENGALI – B v PHANTOMS – B duty ACU Purple
9:30pm – Court 1 7 DEADLY SINS v BENGALI – A duty WHITE KNIGHTS

Court 2

7:10pm – Court 2 AKERO v ACU Red duty ACU Purple
8:20pm – Court 2 ACU Purple v WALKERS duty 7 DEADLY SINS
9:30pm – Court 2 PHANTOMS – A v NEMESIS duty WHITE KNIGHTS *





All payments for training and matches can now be made through TEAMPAY simplifying team and individual payments down to the press of a button on your phone. Please endeavour to make all payments prior to arriving to play. Visit the TEAMPAY page for instructions on how to download it and the specific team code for your team.

If you or your child are new to Volleyball, there is an annual registration fee that is required by our governing body Volleyball Victoria. There are different levels of membership so please select the one most appropriate to you from the 2022 Registrations page here.

Junior Membership / Spikezone (Under 13) – $30 + $6 VB Fee

Social Member (Over 13, A-Grade, B-Grade) – $45 + $6 VB Fee

Full Adult (State League & State Teams) – $90

JUNIORS: Returning 2nd May

Players aged 8-14 years

6:00pm – 7:00pm Mondays on Court 1&2 at the Ballarat Minerdome (please note the earlier time)

Cost $5 per person per session preferably paid using TEAMPAY for registered members (plus a one off Volleyball Victoria registration  covering you through to 30/03/2023).

Visit the  Teampay page information and registration code for junior training 

This program is designed for younger ages learning how to play and is a mixture of game play and skill development over 1 hour. We use a mixture of lighter Spikezone balls and normal volleyballs and modify the rules to ensure the games have flow and are fun. As skill and ability levels develop, we shift the rules closer to normal play and differentiate between courts.

New players are welcome, please feel free to come and try a session or email contact@volleyballballarat.com.au for more information. 

If any parents would like to get involved and assist with administration, scoring or even basic coaching as we move to game play after the July school holidays, please speak to Damon who will be happy to find you a role.

SKILL DEVELOPMENT: Resuming Wednesday 4th May (and running every second week)

15 yrs+ and/or ability based

7:30pm – 8:30pm Wednesdays

Rintel Centre, Ballarat Grammar (enter through Gate D on Forest street by foot).

Cost $5 per person per session for registered members

These sessions are for more mature beginners and those wanting to improve their basic skill levels and are by invitation or negotiation. 

For further information and answers to questions you might have, please visit our FAQs page…


To ensure Volleyball Ballarat (and you as an individual member) continue to receive the full benefit of affiliation and help us sustain and grow the sport, all players are required to register with Volleyball Victoria for membership and insurance reasons. If you were a registered member in 2019, your registration is valid until March 31st 2020, so all memberships will need to be renewed before the start of April. Further information will be posted here when the portal opens and below are some everyday examples of member benefits which include, but are not limited to:

  • endorsing, promoting, and supporting events and competitions
  • providing support personnel, program development, and resources
  • entering partnerships in junior development and other competition initiatives
  • discounted member only fees for courses, programs, activities
  • SportsPass members benefit program rewards schemes
  • advocacy and liaison with local/state government and other stakeholders
  • Personal Accident Insurance

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